Cloud mining

The entire world talks about the best cloud mining platforms since the Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies hit the record. Many people dream of stable passive income in Bitcoin and other digital assets, and that’s why hash providers offer a wide variety of contracts. In our review, we take a look at the top cryptocurrency platforms that can be the best for beginner and professional cryptocurrency investors in 2022.

What is Cloud Mining?

In a few words, crypto cloud mining is a super simple technology that allows earning Bitcoin and other coins literally to everyone who wants to. Investors are not required to buy, install, and maintain any specific hardware and software to start making BTC and altcoins via the cloud. The scheme is really simple. The user opens an account on a chosen platform, deposits funds, and purchases a particular hash contract. In most cases, the process starts practically immediately. So a new investor in cryptocurrency is not required to wait a long time to see the profit. Actually, you will get your first reward on the same day when you purchased a cloud hash contract.

Short Facts about Crypto Mining

China still holds a leading position in Bitcoin mining. According to numerous studies, over 70% of the BTC hash rate is produced by farms located there.

About 20% of mined Bitcoins have been lost forever or stuck in cryptocurrency wallets with no access by their owners. This is around 3.76 million BTC or $190 billion so far.

The very last BTC will be mined in 2140. At the current moment, over 18.8 million BTC have been mined. So you definitely have a lot of time to create a passive income stream by using cloud crypto mining services.

There are over 100 thousand Bitcoin millionaires already around the globe. So nobody says you cannot be the next one.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Hash Contracts

Advantages Disadvantages
No need to purchase any hardware A large number of scams around the internet
No engineering and financial knowledge required Some platforms can charge additional costs
No high-sky electricity charges Some companies are constrained to the mining of only certain coins
Available to everyone  
Profitability starts at 120-145%  
Flexible pricing and loyal withdrawing policy  

Crypto Cloud Mining: Pro Tips for Beginners

Do your own research on the cryptocurrency market before buying any cloud mining contracts. Keep in mind that digital currencies extremely differ in their value, volatility, and operational difficulty.

Review the offers. Just remember, it is vital to find trusted cloud mining sites to make money with crypto contracts. The profitability and safety of the process are highly dependent on the provider you selected.

Decide which length of the hash contract would be most profitable for you personally. If you’re just starting with crypto cloud mining, it is better to pay attention to the short-term (six-month or one-year) contract options.

Track Bitcoin and altcoins value charts regularly. It is essential since the profitability of cloud mining services depends on the current cryptocurrency price.

How to Start

Renting cloud hash power from the best third-part companies is actually a surprisingly easy thing to do. When you select a trustworthy hash provider, sign up and open a new account (by the way, it usually takes 5 up to 10 minutes). Then, spend some time getting verified to keep your funds and personal information secure. We strongly recommend using the two-factor authentication tool available on the best, legit websites. It will surely improve your safety and security during the remote crypto earning process.

The next step is depositing funds to purchase a chosen cloud mining contract. The best providers accept several payment methods, including credit cards and IBAN transfers. Also, the best hash companies accept instant payments in BTC, Ethereum, and other popular digital coins. If you have a few digital assets, feel free to use them to purchase the hash contract. The process usually starts right away when your deposit amount is credited to your personal account on the cloud mining website.

5 Best Cloud Mining Websites in 2022

Looking for the best, trusted provider to start earning Bitcoin via the cloud? Here are the five best cloud mining sites in the UK (according to our latest research).

  Features Minimum Initial Amount Our Rate
1. LetMeCloud Several Bitcoin contracts, mining income calculator, user statistics, daily payouts, 24-hour support $250 5.0
2. BitDeer Hashrate marketplace, the official app for iOS and Android, the profitability calculator $542 4.8
3.  IQ Mining Different cryptocurrencies, income boosters, real-time statistics, crypto trading tools $108 4.5
4. Genesis Mining 10+ mineable currencies, 0% extra fees, daily payouts via crypto wallets and credit cards. $500 4.4
5. StormGain Web and mobile app for all devices, crypto trading, built-in cold wallets, currency exchange, loyalty, and referral program. 50 USDT 4.3

1. LetMeCloud

Let’s start our ranking with LetMeCloud, a provider from the UK who brings cryptocurrency investors all the benefits of Bitcoin cloud mining. The company has several fully-equipped data centers located in northern countries with cold and windy climates (such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Canada). The head office is in London, and the company works under the laws and regulations of Great Britain.


Daily payouts.

24/7 multilingual customer support.

User-friendly website interface.

Mining statistics are available in real-time.

No need to download and install any software.

Easy controlling from any PC, smartphone, or tablet.

As a legit cloud mining provider, LetMeCloud offers Bitcoin investors a range of efficient tools for easy and profitable mining in the cloud. All you have to do to start earning cryptocurrency right today is to purchase a proper mining contract. LetMeCloud has three one-year contract options so far. Beginners can select the Standart plan with 24 000 GH/s and a 180% profitability rate. The most popular option is a Start Bonus type of contract with 48 000 GH/s of hash power (profitability starts at 180% + 20%). Advanced crypto investors may love the FT Bonus option with 96 000 GH/s and an average yield rate of 180% + 33%. Low prices per GH/s make LetMeCloud one of the most promising providers in the field of Bitcoin cloud mining.

The other pro of the LetMeCloud platform is excellent customer support available 24 hours, seven days a week. And you definitely will appreciate the simplicity and friendly usability of their website. It only takes a couple of clicks to sign up, get verified, and start earning cryptocurrency by using a rented miner on LetMeCloud. Daily payouts and safe instant withdrawals are included. The company has a referral program with 20% commission rewards.

Minimum initial amount: $250.

Our Rate: 5.0

2. Bitdeer

Introducing Bitdeer, a high-trusted cryptocurrency platform that brings together cloud hash mining contracts, a multi-brand hashrate market, and cloud hosting services. As a worldwide known provider of digital assets, Bitdeer provides customers from 200+ countries with cloud contracts beginning in 2018. The company focuses on a strategic partnership with top brands of mining gear and the world’s biggest mining pools. The provider owns data centers in several countries, including the US and Norway. With high-end mining facilities, Bitdeer promises customers 100% uptime.


· Profitability and income calculator.

· Hash rate marketplace with a variety of third-party providers.

· Direct deposits from the best mining pools.

· Official Bitdeer app for iOS and Android.

· Help center and 24-hour customer support.

· Real-time cryptocurrency charts.

· Bonuses and specials.

At the moment, Bitdeer offers reliable self-run cloud mining plans for small and experienced crypto investors. The duration of all types of contracts is 180 days. Profitability and hash rate strongly depend on the selected plan option. The minimum amount to start mining BTC in the cloud on Bitdeer is $542 per 50 TH/s. You can check all the details on related pages on the Bitdeer website or by contacting their customer support.

Even though the company doesn’t make any commitments to the future state of income, all investors can use the estimated revenue calculator on the provider’s website. At the current moment, the cloud hash mining platform supports both cryptocurrency and fiat payment methods. It means you can purchase a mining contract from your BTC or altcoins wallet as well as via telegraphic money transfer in USD. After the purchased miner becomes active, the user can check the real-time hash rate and payment statistics on their account. Also, Bitdeer guarantees daily payouts.

Minimum initial amount: $542.

Our Rate: 4.8


Let’s talk about another cloud mining service that is considered one of the best global hash providers. IQMining was launched in late 2016 by a squad of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech experts. The company owns some big data centers installed in different locations, such as Canada, China, Iceland, Georgia, and other countries. The headquarters is located in the UK.


The best variety of mined cryptocurrencies.

Daily payout in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

30% off on all contracts under the promo.

Income booster for auto reinvesting.

24h live support.

Cryptocurrency trading tools.

With the best flexible pricing, IQMining offers crypto investors cryptocurrency contracts with pretty high profitability rates and daily payouts. Depending on your general purposes, you can purchase a 1-year, 2-years, or 5-years contract. Another best option on IQMining is lifetime cloud mining contracts with an average price per 10 GH/s of $0.322. Note the minimum deposit amount on the platform depends on the selected hash contract option.

IQMining provides different account levels that differ with their prices per GH/s, maintenance fees, and the minimum hash rate amount to rent. There are also ‘Pro’ cloud contracts with 20% extra interest per year on IQMining. The other helpful feature is hash contracts pledging. The provider offers cryptocurrency investors to pledge their hash contracts to get up to 100% of the contract cost.

Minimum initial amount: $108.

Our Rate: 4.5

4. Genesis Mining

Our number four is Genesis Mining, the promising provider from Hong Kong that can be claimed as a real pro in the field of Bitcoin cloud mining. The company was founded in late 2013, and so far, it serves over 2 million cryptocurrency investors from all around the world. The founders of Genesis Mining are also the creators of the first-ever Bitcoin farm in Eastern Europe.


Bitcoin and over 10 best-mineable altcoins are available.

Daily output and quick payouts.

Payments via credit cards are accepted.

No extra fees.

Since the company has started, Genesis Mining conducted over 10 million transactions with cryptocurrencies. Genesis Mining data centers are located in Iceland and Sweden. As a responsible hash provider, the company uses mostly geology and geothermal energy. Actually, Genesis Mining promises customers a 100% uptime guarantee since they use specific crypto algorithms and allocate miners to the relevant pools in the case of crashing or slowing down.

After registration on Genesis Mining, investors can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and other cloud contracts. Most contracts have a one-year duration on the platform. The only issue is contract availability, as many popular options are often just out of stock. So you need to literally catch the moment to buy the most profitable hash contract on Genesis Mining. Also, they allow crypto investors to mine different types of coins at the same time.

Minimum initial amount: $500.

Our Rate: 4.4

5. StormGain

All-in-one cryptocurrency app with zero commissions. Here is how StormGain promotes itself. The crypto platform offers crypto investors a diversity of the best tools, such as Bitcoin cloud mining, cryptocurrency exchange, trading signals, and crypto-wallets. At the moment, StarmGain promises users increased operational speed and claims they can mine up to 0.0318 BTC a day. It takes about four hours to get a Bitcoin reward on this crypto platform.


Web and mobile app.

Loyalty program with different statuses.

Referral program.

Best built-in multi-currency wallets to store and change crypto assets.

Multi-coin exchange platform.

Besides BTC cloud mining, StormGain allows registered customers to use free in-app cold wallets to store BTC, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and other digital coins. Bitcoin mining and other services work on all kinds of devices, including Windows and macOS PCs, smartphones, and tablets on iOS and Android.

The company also provides fast secured withdrawals. Investors can withdraw their mined and traded crypto funds by transferring them directly to their cryptocurrency wallets. If you make money from cloud mining in the UK or European Union countries, feel free to use fast withdrawals straight to your bank account. The minimum amount to withdraw is 50 USDT or the equivalent in other digital currencies.

Minimum initial amount: 50 USDT.

Our Rate: 4.3


Why do the best Bitcoin mining sites sell hash power when they can mine cryptocurrency themselves?

To clarify, you should understand how crypto cloud mining companies actually work. Every single provider has plenty of operational spending to keep the farm going. By selling a part of the produced hash rate, cloud mining companies literally share these costs with third parties from all around the world. And surely, absolutely all providers also get their profit from mining cryptocurrency.

What is mining difficulty?

When we talk about cryptocurrency mining difficulty, we usually mean a measure of how difficult it’s to get a hash. In other words, it indicates how difficult it is to solve computing math problems in a particular crypto blockchain network at the current moment.

What is the hash rate?

When starting cryptocurrency cloud mining, you read about a ‘hash rate’ literally on every single Bitcoin mining website. In general, hash rate (we also call it hash power) is the speed at which a rig completes an operation in the Bitcoin blockchain network. This is a measure of the computing power with which a machine operates. The higher hash power of cloud mining contracts means higher profitability.

What does the best cloud mining website look like?

When reviewing and researching the best Bitcoin mining companies, you have to pay attention to many criteria to find a trustworthy one. First of all, it is always better to deal with a certified legit provider. Find some time to check the company’s legal information on its website.

Is it possible to start earning Bitcoin if you do not have your cryptocurrency wallet yet?

You can start even if you have not registered your personal cryptocurrency address before. The best Bitcoin mining websites accept payments in fiat currencies (such as pounds, euro, or USD) without any questions. So you can purchase the best contracts via your Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact, or any other credit card. Most of the best cloud mining providers also accept payments via IBAN transfers.

Where will your rewards be stored?

The best cloud mining websites offer customers extremely secured wallets in their accounts. All mined coins will be stored in your account on the provider’s website until you decide to withdraw funds to your cryptocurrency wallet, credit card, or bank account.

How can you be sure you’re truly earning crypto coins after purchasing cloud mining contracts?

When you mine on the best legit platforms, you always know how it’s going at any moment. Best cloud mining websites have a detailed real-time statistic feature to track a mining process. You start making crypto right after your contract is purchased. And you can check your stats in the account to see how your profit from cryptocurrency cloud mining grows day by day.

The Final Word

As we can see, the best cloud mining websites make dreams come true for those searching for stable passive income with a small investment. All you have to do to start mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the cloud are your will and a few hundred pounds or dollars. If you want to make a quantum lip straight to your financial freedom, it is essential to find a trusted platform with safe and profitable options. We hope our top 5 of the best cloud mining websites will help you get the ball rolling and start earning crypto coins from wherever you are.