Version 9.3

ASIC mining

• External Miner configuration is based on a ASIC hardware selection for ASIC miners (no software selection needed). Network

scan is also updated to reflect this.

• Added support for Innosilicon A6+

GPU mining

• Add a concept of secondary pool to simplify dual mining without having to use pool groups

• Improved support for AMD Radeon Pro W6600 and BC-250 on Linux

• User defined mining software improvements for dual mining


• Rule trigger for CPU load

• Configurable if message dialogs should be suppressed

• Create API keys per user account making it possible to define limited and read-only API keys

• Antpool balance

User interface

• Display last known worker name for disconnected External Miners

• Updated description for a number of permissions for user groups

• Hide buttons in the user interface not relevant for certain ASIC miner types

Mining software

• Gminer 2.83

• Lolminer 1.46a

• SrbMiner-Multi 0.9.2

• TeamBlackMiner 1.56

• TeamRedMiner 0.9.4, incl. update to Awesome Miner integration related to the eth_worker parameter and watchdog

• T-Rex miner 0.25.8


• Correction to coin trigger to also support user defined cons